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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

She also breastfeed !!

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You know her ? She is my MP’s ( Member of Parliament ) daughter. I am proud of my MP and now even proud of his daughter. No matter how busy and her daily life is eventful to serve her voter and community in Parliament of Lembah Pantai, she breastfeed her child. She even brought the daughter to parliament assembly and breastfeed her daughter behind partition, formerly was her mom’s place whereby now become my MP’s place lah..

With her 2nd pregnancy now, she insist to continue BF

U can read more here

It’s good. Despite her busyness, she set BF is one of her ‘duty’ towards her children.

I hope that more and more well-known person/ celebrity /VIP that shows their support to BF. The support is even meaningful if they themselves breastfeed just like what Nurul Izzah and Wardina. Not only become spokesperson but practically proven. These group of people together with us ( rakyat jelata nih) may help to increase awareness on the importance of BF nationally. Lead by example.

Thanks to TheStar for writing this fairly even she is from opposition party .heheh.No matter your are from BN or PKR, if u are a BF mom, we are ONE.

I just remember my conversation with my company in-house nurse while pumping .

She was so thrilled to see me still pumping milk and BF Shukrina.

“ You know this is an international standard and recognized by WHO. BF is not koman

“Koman” for those who do not know is old fashion/outdated.

If people are so proud with their LV handbag, dress from Versace, Veera Wang…we also ‘high profile’ people . BF is internationally standard and recognized worldwide. Most importantly is F.O.C, no tax/transportation cost. You need to ‘ikat perut’ to look posh , but BF requires you to eat more. Similarly, both are modern way of life. The difference is one is modern but splurging . The other one modern but save a lot.…heheh

Do u agree with me?

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11 sharing:

Farah said...

wow! i am also among the high profile people? hehe so proud of it...

Dayah said...

Farah ..yes you are..hihih..
bila lagi kan..

mama-qaisara said...

oo yeke?bestnye eh jadi 'org besar2' ni..takyah beli beg LV dh memadai..ekekeke

nasz said...

pas ni nak jd 'org besar2' la pulak, yg dulu tak dpt lama...

ar.nie said...

wahhh, agree!!! ehehe...

why eh, when the issues are involving "public figure"'s people, barulah semua orang, "ooohhh" & "aahhhh" in agreement... Tp, tak dinafikan, saya pon suka baca pasal Izzah n BF story nie... Thanks for sharing! ;)

mamaDhea said...

thanks for sharing!

tak sangka 'org besar2' pon BF jugak eh.. despite of her busyness..

Ummi Salsabila said...

wah..agree! bestnyer konfiden jwb cmtu..bangge lg!

kakyong said...

salam Dayah,

tu lah kan, susu ibu is the best.. so doesn't mean u org besor @ busy terlampau tahap gaban.. but u still a mom, if u want the best for u baby, u'll do it no matter how difficult it is?! 1 rasa ade baca entri yg pasal ibu serve di Afganistan & every 2 week delivered her EBM to baby at USA.. (rasa2 gitu le fact nyer...) so di mana ade kemahuan, mesti boleh...

Dayah said...

Mama Qaisara
best kan leh jadi 'org2 besar'ni hanay dgn BF

pas ni NAs pu geng 'org2 besar' la..tapi body still maintain slim... heheh

Dayah said...

ye la kan..bila celebrity /public figure claim that depa buat ,semua org pakat kagum semacam..Kalau Arni jadi cover girl pun apa salahnya ..mesti raamaai lagi kagum :)

BF ni utk smue peringkat kan...kalau depa tak habaq, kita pun taktau...tapi kita ni kena habaq ka kat newspaper kata kita ni BF >..?? :)

Dayah said...

pasti konfiden..kalau tak konfiden, tak la jadi ikutan pulak..

smua org pun nak yg terrbaik utk anak dia.tak kira la hang ikan jerung ka ikan bilis...hhihih