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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Soft Structured Carrier

I have tried Littlepod SSC and love it so much ! Gazillion thanks to KakShida for her on loan unit and admired her effort in promoting babywearing . Never cross my mind to have a trial over it (apatah lagi membeli ) since I’m not an active forumer in MBW where they provide Babywear Library nationwide ( If I’m not mistaken ) and never attend the MBW meeting which actively held in Rumah Nur, Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang. Well, the meeting is always on Sat and me very lazy to drive all the way from Mainland after 5 weekdays crossing the bridge . My Sat and Sun should be in Mainland pulak la… ( Semua ni alasan atas kemalasan melanda..1 hari pun nak mai Island pun berkira) .

**It comes with beautiful packaging too.**

Back to review. I only got chance to wear it 3 times. Frankly, I loved the style and is very cozy . Not to forget the alluring design too. Shukrina snuggle in very well . She was happy inside there. I wore her in tummy-to-tummy style & backpack style .

In my opinion, front carry is safer compare to backpack style. Safe in term of she is in front us to look after. While behind, you have to turn back to look at her . The design & safety aspect is absolutely guaranteed for both style . Look at the big buckle is enough . At first I thought is just like school bag buckle. Haluih .

Even though I prefer front carry compare to back carry but with her weight now is 9.6kg , I think back carry is a good choice Is just like your are carrying your old model laptop + some other stuffs together in the bag . I don’t have much spare flesh on my shoulder, hence I can feel the load when front carried her.

But if back carry, the load is more evenly distributed . My back shoulder down to waist is stronger compare to front shoulder down to chest end at my tummy ( do not forget the bumper in the middle ) . All these are lembik part . ahaks ! But for small baby, front carry is more appropriate .

Now I can compare my pouch sling with this SSC. Since Shukrina is quite heavy now, the only way is to hip carry her in my reliable pouch. If I would need a longer distance to walk, mau senget badan mak..hihih. That is where the idea of purchasing a SSC comes in (while sale last-Kakshida punya special sale ..hehe)

Only one thing that I’m not in favor of. This is very very very personal unliking. Only applies to me . When I have to buckle it at my waist. Exactly fit my waist perimeter. Comfortable wearing a loose/baggy type of clothes so I feel like ‘sesuatu yang tidak kena’bila pinggang ku terjerut begitu'. But with my long veil, is able to cover a part of ‘terjerut’ tu… or tuck out bit clothe to cover it?? Unless back carry. Not that noticeable . Abi had reminded me on this . OK abi, ummi got it !!

But an incident last week make abi to think twice of my idea ( to purchase it). We went for groceries shopping and as usual I was very excited to try the SSC first time in public. I wore Shukrina from car until inside the mall. She is ok then. But after she saw abi pushing a trolley, haa.mulalah..she knew that her place is inside the trolley. Eventually I have to release her out after my negotiation skill is not work out for her ( blame my Negotiation Skill Class Trainer for not teaching me effectively..huhuh ).. After a while, she requested to walk…then we she felt exhausted, mula la nak dukong… hmmm….

Okey, is long enough . I shall repudiate that I am not a medical staff, my input might be inaccurate especially on human anatomy .Whatever written here is my personal opinion and review.

Is worth to get one SSC for yourself . Hope that KakShida will demonstrate more on babywearing (meitai, maya RS) this upcoming Northern SI gath. And definitely I'll wear Shukrina with the one and only pouch sling I have ( dah pudar sling yang banyak berbakti itew)

P/S : I misplaced my camera and no chance to snap the moment with SSC

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