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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Teacher's day

Happy Teacher's Day..
Hope is not too late to wish all teachers Happy Teacher's Day.
I haven't got chance to buy a card for my beloved Teacher Sim. Try my best to get it done by next week.

Yesterday I was a buzy bee whole day.
Attended SI northern gath ( morning ) and my cousin's son birthday party( noon)
Shall update story about the gath and birthday party soon...


We may not share the same dream nursing wear design but If you like my idea for My Dream Nursing Wear, do vote me now in the right hand side of this blog.
And vote in MSK after 1 June. There are 9 more hot contestants .

You sincere voting is higly appreciated.

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4 sharing:

ppb_ppkp said...

dayah..imah dah vote

Dayah said...

Imah, trima kasih daun keladi...

nasz said...

seronok jg cikgu, ade hari guru. keja exec ni tak de hari utk ku... huhuhu

Dayah said...

bila la nak ada Happy Exec day.. hehe.